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Tailored package

Following discussions with you we put together a package of services tailored to your needs, drawn from these services below. We like to think of this as a menu from which we can choose those needed in your particular situation.

Core values workshop

Before designing a logo, branding and positioning for the Practice it is helpful to understand what your core values are. For example these might be -




work in partnership



A good way to work these out is to run an afternoon workshop with your whole team to elicit these thoughts and prioritise them. We can help you run this workshop by providing an experienced facilitator. There are two main outputs from this workshop:

  • a list of your core values to inspire our design and branding work
  • a consensus among all your staff about how and why you provide the service that you do

Logo design

Given a brief about what your Practice stands for and how you'd like to communicate that to your patients we design a new logo for the Practice, present you with up to six different options, discuss them with you, and develop the design route that you prefer.





Branding for web, stationery & signage

To present a consistent image of the Practice across all your communications we develop the chosen logo design and colour scheme into designs for the website, letterhead, appointments cards, waiting room posters and signage. As a result the Practice appears consistent and professional wherever it is seen by patients.

Website design & build

Joomla CMS

We usually develop three design routes for the website, discuss them with you, and then build the site using your chosen design route. With all our designs we put an emphasis on clear and easy navigation so that patients can find important information quickly and intuitively.

Website training

As part of setting up a Joomla website for clients we give you a succinct training course in how to update, grow and adapt your website to changing patient needs. Your staff can be 100% confident in their ability to update your new website.

Copy writing

Often the hardest part of creating a new web site is knowing what to say. Don't worry, we can help - from brainstorming with you what key messages you want to send to your patients, to writing important passages or the whole site. In addition, we always carefully proof-read every page for grammatical and typing errors.

Help & technical support

If ever there is anything you don't understand, or need help with something new, we are on hand to provide friendly help and support by phone or email. In addition we are ever vigilant against viruses and hacker attacks and protect your site from these.

Fully managed updating service

If you do not have the time or inclination to update the site yourself we can do this for you. Just email us the changes any time you wish them to be made.